How to Remove Gallstones Naturally

by Deliciously Organic on January 9, 2014

How to Remove Gallstones Naturally via DeliciouslyOrganic.net

A few years ago when I was struggling with severe symptoms of Hashimoto’s disease I also began having pain in my right flank area. After a few tests, my doctor concluded I had gallstones and advised me to have my gall bladder removed. At that time I was in so much physical pain from the chronic hives (a symptom of Hashimoto’s) that surgery sounded overwhelming, so I decided against it.

I had recently started working with my nutritionist to combat the thyroid disease, and I asked her if she had another solution. She did – a gallbladder and liver flush series. She said it would take 48 hours, but my gallbladder should flush itself after following her protocol.

How to Remove Gallstones Naturally via DeliciouslyOrganic.net

Before I tell you about the protocol and the results, let’s look at what gallstones are: “The gallbladder is a reservoir or holding tank of bile salts, which the body uses to emulsify and assist in the digestion fats. When we eat fat, bile is released into the digestive tract to break fat down into absorbable fatty acids. Bile salts are made of cholesterol. Gallstones are a sign that your body has ‘decided’ to increase its reservoir of cholesterol. Why would it do this? The obvious answer is that it has become ‘afraid’ that the supply of cholesterol is low, therefore it uses the strategy of storing extra for a ‘rainy day’.” Dr. Cowen

It’s important to remember that cholesterol is a very powerful antioxidant for the body. When I was diagnosed with gallstones, I was struggling with severe symptoms of Hashimoto’s disease, so it makes sense that my body needed all the cholesterol it could get to help fight the disease. Additionally, I probably wasn’t getting enough cholesterol in my diet, so my gallbladder “decided” to pack some away for later.

How to Remove Gallstones Naturally via DeliciouslyOrganic.net

Back to the protocol – Kim sent me a 48-hour cleanse involving eating different foods at different times during the day, drinking Epsom salts dissolved in water, drinking olive oil combined with fresh grapefruit juice and then finishing with colonics or coffee enemas. The worst part was the Epsom salts – they are salty … yuck! The result? I passed over 40 gallstones in one day! I was shocked. The pain in my right flank disappeared for good. Kim instructed me to repeat the cleanse every 4 weeks until I stopped passing gallstones. I did the protocol 4 more times until everything was clear.

Isn’t it amazing what the body can do with the right resources? For legal reasons, I can’t give you the exact protocol, but if you call or email Biodynamic Wellness and tell them I sent you, they can do a short consult with you and help walk you through the process. If you know someone who is struggling with gallstones, please pass this on to them. A 48-hour cleanse was a much better solution than surgery for me!

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