I enjoy sharing my experiences, what I’ve learned about nutrition and what has worked for me and my family. I hope you will find help through the information presented on this site. Please note, I am not a doctor or certified nutritionist so I cannot give out specific nutritional or medical advice

If you need specific nutritional advice I recommend finding a holistic practitioner in your area.

To find a holistic practitioner:
Here –> https://www.functionalmedicine.org/practitioner_search.aspx?id=117
Here –> http://www.abihm.org/search-doctors
Here –> http://nutritionaltherapy.com/ntp-referral-list/
Here –> http://primaldocs.com

Here are two posts I think you’ll find incredibly helpful that were written by my nutritionist about detox and inflammation (I go into more detail about my detox and nutritional protocol in my upcoming cookbook):

Inflammation, What it is and How to Reduce it Naturally

10 Things I Tell Anyone Who Wants to Detox

If you’re struggling with Thyroid disease, I highly recommend The Thyroid Sessions.

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