Weekly Meal Plans – Classic, Grain Free, Gluten Free and Paleo

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What’s for dinner tonight?

How do you eat organic, real, unprocessed food on a daily basis without completely stressing out? How do you do it without it breaking the bank? With our busy lifestyles we all know we should eat better, but who has the time to make a menu, find recipes the whole family will love, and write a shopping list of unprocessed, real, organic ingredients?

I have the answer for you: Weekly meal plans! I’ve developed weekly dinner plans that are delicious, unprocessed, and affordable. They’ll take the thought out of “What’s for dinner tonight?”

Each weekly meal plan features:

  • A shopping list
  • 5 full dinner menus (Each meal consists of one or two recipes.)
  • 1-2 desserts each week
  • 1 snack each week
  • Helpful tips for getting dinner on the table quickly
  • Easy-to-follow, “kid approved” recipes
  • Each week you’ll receive access to two weeks of menus
  • Hit “print” and you’ll have your complete shopping list organized by category, making shopping easy and quick. You’ll have each recipe for the week in your hands.
  • The recipes will vary, too. So you won’t eat the same thing over and over.
  • Every recipe features unprocessed, nourishing, real, whole foods.
  • Each recipe serves at least 4 people (Some recipes will have leftovers – great for lunch the next day!)
  • Each meal plan makes use of this list of two dozen pantry staples.

Your cost: 41 cents a day!

meal plan

Download Free Samples:

Classic Sample Meal Plan

Gluten Free Sample Meal Plan

Grain-Free Weekly Meal Plan Sample

Paleo Sample Weekly Meal Plan

Here’s how it works:

  1. Subscribe for the weekly meal plans or purchase a “specialty” menu below through our DO Store.
  2. Once purchased, you’ll be prompted to create a WordPress login.
  3. Log into WordPress with your unique username and password.
  4. Click on the “Meal Plan” tab at the top of the page to view your menus.
  5. Each Friday a new weekly menu will be posted. The oldest plan rolls back into our archives and is no longer available to the public.
  6. Each week you will have access to two week’s worth of meal plans.
  7. Print your shopping list, menu, recipes and you’re good to go!

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*Due to the fact that the Weekly Meal Plans are virtual subscription products that allow access to proprietary information, we cannot offer refunds. However, you may cancel at any time.

To cancel a subscription click here. If you need help canceling your subscription please contact us at [email protected] If you subscribed with us through a special office on another website, you may have made a one-time purchase for subscription access. If that is the case, your membership will automatically run out at the designated end of your special offer unless you re-subscribe with us.