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I’m Carrie Vitt and I began my journey towards organic, unprocessed foods when I discovered my 24/7 migraines were caused by the pesticides, herbicides, hormones, etc. in the foods I was eating. Through organic, unprocessed food our family was able to overcome: Hashimoto’s disease, severe asthma, eczema, IBS, and migraines. No drugs. Just good, natural, real food. You can read my full story here.

If you’re new to unprocessed foods here are some great posts to read:

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My resources for you:

The Deliciously Organic Cookbook (buy a cookbook and receive the Grain-Free adaptations for FREE!)

The Deliciously Organic Weekly Meal Plans

Grain Free

Three years ago, I had an amalgam filling removed and unfortunately the doctor didn’t take the proper precautions during the extraction. As a result, my thyroid absorbed many of the heavy metals and months later I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease. The disease ravaged my body with hives. The doctors didn’t have any answers and in fact, they told me there wasn’t anything they could do. I once again turned to nutrition and began a grain-free diet rich in healthy fats, meats, and vegetables to begin the healing process. I’m happy to say the disease is now in full remission. (You can read the more of the  story here.)

If you’re wanting to try a grain free diet, here is a collection of posts and recipes I wrote during the 30-day Grain Free Challenge.

If you decide to challenge yourself to go Grain-Free here is a list of grains to avoid.

Check out all of my Grain Free Recipes.



“Why do you use so much fat in your recipes?”

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“What is the caloric content of this recipe?” “Do you know how many calories are in this recipe?”

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“Why do you use Celtic sea salt?”

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“Do you have any tips for buying organic on a budget”

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“Why do you use meat in your recipes?” “What are the health benefits of eating organic, pastured meats?”

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“Didn’t you mention you have Hashimoto’s?”

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“Why grain free?

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“What kind of almond flour do you like to use and where do you buy it?”

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“Do you have tips for baking with coconut flour?”

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“Why do you soak and dehydrate nuts? Can I get the recipe?

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“Do you have any good lunch ideas?”

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“Will you ever eat grain again?”

I hope to! As my body heals, I hope I’ll be able to tolerate traditionally prepared grains one day. I don’t see myself eating much wheat, though.

“Where do you buy all of your ingredients?” “What are your favorite brands?”

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“I’m just getting started. I don’t know where to begin!”


Take it slow. Just make one change a week. Also, if you need some ideas for meals using only unprocessed ingredients, a subscription to the Deliciously Organic meal plans, or reading my cookbook Deliciously Organic can help.

I update the blog twice a week with new recipes and ideas. So make sure to subscribe via email so you don’t miss a single post or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

Recommended Reading:

Wheat Belly, Dr. William Davis

Deep Nutrition, Dr. Katherine Shanahan

Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It, Gary Taubes

Eat Fat, Lose Fat, Dr. Mary Enig

Nourishing Traditions, Sally Fallon

Super Nutrition for Babies: The Right Way to Feed Your Baby for Optimum Health , Katherine Erlich

Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, Dr. Weston Price


I’m thrilled you’re reading this blog and hope my recipes will find a home in your kitchen. I also hope you’ll discover, as I have, that eating food direct from the source of our earth uninterrupted by fewer chemicals and less processing is not only perfectly doable and beneficial but also perfectly delicious! And don’t be surprised when your friends and the whole family (including the kids) say, a I can’t believe this is organic. It’s delicious!

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