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I’m Carrie Vitt and I began my journey towards organic, unprocessed foods when I discovered my 24/7 migraines were caused by the pesticides, herbicides, hormones, etc. in the foods I was eating. Through organic, unprocessed food our family was able to reverse: Hashimoto’s disease, severe asthma, eczema, IBS, and migraines. No drugs. Just good, natural, real food. You can read my full story here.


My eight and nine year old kiddos often ask me where the recipe for the food I made came from. They always get excited if I tell them that it was one of yours! – Laura

The recipes are fantastic, the site is easy to navigate, the pictures are beautiful, and your writing is relatable! Overall, it’s wonderful. – Cera

I VERY much enjoy your Facebook page for the quiet, calm suggestions you make toward changing our diets/lifestyle.  I hope you get what I mean about it not being like some of the very noisy sites! – Loree

I just wanted to add that I really love your recipes and your website.  I have been following the Paleo diet since August of 2012 and my  autoimmune issues have drastically improved.  I am so thankful to have resources like yours that make eating the way I do so easy and enjoyable. – Melissa

I made the switch to (almost) all organic/pastured/minimally processed over three months ago and just wanted to say what a fantastic resource your cookbook has been lately! With most cookbooks recipes tend to be hit or miss but everything I’ve made so far has tasted incredible, been a big hit with the family, and most importantly, has been simple both in process and ingredients. Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you for helping me and my family live healthier lifestyles. I love to cook and until relatively recently, considered my use of processed foods as pretty low. But a long hard look at my pantry proved otherwise. – Kelly

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My resources for you:

The Grain Free Family Table Cookbook

The Deliciously Organic Cookbook

The Deliciously Organic Weekly Meal Plans

To download a list of my favorite sources: Deliciously Organic Sources

To see my favorite products such as pantry staples, natural body care, non-toxic cleaner, etc. click here.

If unprocessed food is new to you – remember:

Take it slow. Just make one change a week. Also, if you need some ideas for meals using only unprocessed ingredients, a subscription to the Deliciously Organic meal plans, or reading my cookbooks The Grain-Free Family Table or Deliciously Organic can help.


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