Back-to-School Lunch Gear

Back-to-School Lunch Gear via So you’re all set with ideas for healthy back-to-school lunches, but what do you pack them in? With all the plastics, BPA, aluminum and other materials that can leach into food and drinks, it’s hard to decipher which containers, bags and bottles are best. My girls are now 10 and 12 and we’ve tried and tested many items over the years. Here’s our list of favorites.

Back-to-School Lunch Gear via

Lunchskins – These are by far the handiest bags I’ve found. They’re sturdy and dishwasher safe, available in many different sizes, and come in the cutest patterns! Lunchskins recently released a new line at Target and my kids love the bright neons and polka dots! We pack foods like grain-free granola, grapes, muffins, and beef jerky in these bags. They’re practical, fun, and reduce waste. I can’t say enough about these little bags!!

 Stainless Steel Lunch Containers

Stainless Steel Containers – Our stainless steel containers are over two years old and still holding strong! They’re perfect for yogurt, berries, or anything wet. The tops seal very well (we haven’t had one leak yet) and since the bowls are stainless steel, they’re pretty much indestructible.

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Water Bottles – I have three favorites – Hydro Flask Insulated Water BottleLife Factory Glass Water Bottles and Klean Kanteen Water Bottles. The Hydro Flask is fantastic because it’s stainless steel and insulated. Those cold drinks stay cold for many hours. If you’re wanting to stay away from stainless steel, the Life Factory water bottles are a great choice. I was a bit skeptical thinking they would break, but ours have lasted for over two years without any breaking or chipping.

Back-to-School Lunch Gear via

Insulated Thermos – I bought one of these on a whim last year and fell in love. This thermos will keep soups, stews, or reheated leftovers hot for many hours. In fact, my kids asked that I not heat their soup up so hot because at lunch time, the soup was still too hot to eat. Wow! I bought three additional containers so each of us can use one. They’re perfect not just for school but for work, road trips or when you’re out running errands all morning.

Lunchskins has offered to giveaway a $100 collection of Lunchskin bags to one lucky reader! Please see widget below to enter.

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  1. Susan C. in NY

    Love our Thermos jars–great for any hot/warm food from soups to mac and cheese or leftover chicken enchiladas.
    Would love to have some Lunchskins to replace the plastic zipper bags I’ve been using.

  2. Jessica

    I love my Lunchskins bags – we use them for the kids lunches, snacks while we are out and about, etc.. I also just got a PlanetBox for lunches this year. I haven’t used it yet, but I can’t wait to try it when school starts up!

  3. Angie Burress

    I LOVE Thermos products as well. Just told my son this morning that we need to find him a new, bigger lunch box. Thanks for all the recommendations…going to check them out. Hoping lunchskins have some for boys, would love to win them if they do. :) Thanks for the opportunity.

  4. Angie Burress

    Oops! Just looked and realized they are like sandwich bags. Would still LOVE to win them, b/c we’ve been using snap on glass containers b/c I don’t want to use plastic bags. Have thought of trying out the wax paper ones, but these would be great to be able to use and reuse.

  5. Emily R.

    My husband and I alternate lunchboxes, but our favorite is probably the big, simple one we got from I don’t see them available for sale anymore, but they have lots of other choices on their site. We also own one of the Built neoprene lunch bags, which is nice, if a bit small. We also use the ReUsies sandwich/snack bags, which are very similar to Lunchskins. I’d like to learn to make them myself, since they’re all kind of pricey. I’d still like to buy a few, but make the rest.

  6. Trezlen

    I have a 2- and 4-tier tiffin that I use to pack lunch. Both fit nicely into my lunch bag. But, depending on what I pack, it can be leaky so I always have to put it in a bag before I put it in my lunch bag. But, I love that fact that I have a reusable container for lunch.

  7. Jenni

    I would love some LunchSkins! My son is starting preschool in a couple of weeks, and we’re loading up on his back-to-school lunch gear. We got him a pretty simple, but cool, insulated lunch bag and a Spider-Man decorated Thermos-brand food jar (Thermos is always good quality), but I’ve been looking for reusable sandwich and snack bags. We don’t use paper towels or paper napkins in our house, and I don’t want to use daily plastic bags!

  8. Thanks so much for the info! I have been looking for something like the Kids Konserve containers as my big kid is off to kindergarten. I plan to link to your post from my blog, How to be Pleasant, so that my friends can see your great product ideas. Thanks so much for your suggestions!

  9. Eileen L.

    I desperately need these… I have spent a fortune trying to get the most earth friendly things for my son who started kindergarten this morning. I have spent half the day at my desk trying to plan lunch ideas. I love those water bottles too. In fact I just bought the exact same glass lifefactory one for myself this week.

  10. Jenn B.

    Right now my favorite lunch container would have to be our Thermos drink container. My daughter and I each have one and we use them for smoothies, juice, hot chocolate, coffee, etc. I would love to get some Lunchskins because I really don’t like using plastic bags.

  11. Shelly Childress

    I would LOVE to have Lunchskins for my boys’ lunches. I have one super picky eater due to major acid reflux, and finding interesting ways to pack his lunch, let alone foods he will eat, is always a challenge. I’m all for eliminating plastic baggies and plastic bowls with lunches in them.

  12. Jennifer

    My kids are not taking lunches to school yet but will soon so I don’t have favorite gear but am grateful for the recommendations. Maybe they will become favorites of ours as well.

  13. Amanda

    I pack a lunch everyday for work. I’ve been wanting to get away from plastic bags. Hydro flask rocks! My husband and I have 6 hydroflask bottles between the two of us and use them daily.

  14. Rhonda

    I just use a basic insulated lunch bag from Target, but I struggle to decide what’s the healthiest and least wasteful way to pack my food. I do carry a glass water bottle though. The plastic ones always make my water taste bad.

  15. Erin H.

    I haven’t heard of these and am curious to see them at Target. It’s great they’re dishwasher safe. I recently bought a little glass container with a silicone top and am wondering how it will do.

  16. Nicole S.

    It is ridiculous that I don’t have any of those reusable bags yet! But I do put my hubby’s lunch in a glass container, though he prefers his plastic one…….I love the circular glass pyrex containers.

  17. Stacey

    We used to use Thermos’ all the time. Some got lost and the ones we have left don’t keep food hot anymore. Would love a few new ones! Would also like to get away from ziplock bags, too. Trying to fit lunchskins and new Thermos’ into the budget. I would love to win them!

  18. Adrianne

    I have used the Thermos FOGO straw cups for drinks and smoothies for my preschoolers and my grade schoolers. I also bought to Thermos jars that are great. I would love to try the Lunchskins though because washing them in the dishwasher would really help–I have 4 kids and two go to school. They seem like they would be awesome!

  19. Melissa B

    Lunchskins, what a great idea! They look fabulous. I still need to purchase a Thermos for my husband, who likes to reheat at work with microwave, YIKES! Thanks for the great ideas, keep them coming.

  20. Shawna Glover

    I love our reusable bags. My daughter gets so excited when she sees them, she knows there is food inside of them. It is also nice being able to walk past that section in the grocery store knowing I don’t have to spend our small budget on sandwich bags!

  21. Tracy Stone

    I have a few Lunchskins and like them. I’d like more and I definitely need to order the Thermoses and some of the water bottles and stainless steel containers. Oh, and work on being creative with the lunches! I like the Kleen Kanteen water bottles. I do like the ziploc containers, but I need to upgrade from the plastic. :(

  22. Maria

    I used Laptop Lunches. Very convenient and most of the kids were envious. More for the younger kids. Now that my daughter is older it would be nice to use the products you listed here.

    Side note: Although the update to your website is nice, I really miss and loved your other color scheme and interface. I love your information and pics regardless. Thanks for letting me share my thoughts. 😉

  23. Teree

    Would love to try lunch skins! Presently I use wax paper baggies and glass containers (which can be bulky not to mention heavy). I also use a stainless steel thermos for soups! What a great idea!

  24. The lunchskin with the bike wheels!! What would you suggest with weaning baby off bottle. My daughter is still nursing but at home she takes bottle of breastmilk but she is a year. Do you have suggestion on next stage of cup?

  25. Cilla Parkison

    We use glass and plastic ware to store most lunch/snack goodies, but still rely heavily on resealable plastic bags, unfortunately. I’d love to try Lunchskins for my family. We could ALL use them! Thanks for another great blog, and such useful information.

  26. Liz Tidwell

    I’ve been using the zip loc lunch containers. I’ve loved them because I’m not too upset about them being lost. I’m excited about the lunch skins!!! I will be buying a set before my oldest starts school. We already pack all our food for out and about because of my youngest food allergies. I’m excited to start packing for school!

  27. Phyllis A.

    I have been carry my lunch to work most of this year and I want to move towards more eco friendly products, so I will be purchasing a few of the items you have introduced in this article. Thanks for the information!

  28. KC

    I hope our family is the “lucky reader”! We have 7 people in our family and I am embarrassed to say that we use disposable sandwich bags and plastic disposable water bottles. : ( We truly care about the environment and do not want to use any products with BPA, so if we win this would be great for our large family as well as the environment!

  29. Jennifer

    Thank you for this giveaway opportunity!
    My favorite items are glass jars. I usually use different sized canning jars and old kombucha jars. I know the glass will break, but our child is grown now so it is just us adults and we are careful. I would love to use stainless steel and we do have thermoses, but I really don’t trust what is really in the metal when made in China. I haven’t found any where the stainless steel itself is made in the USA.

  30. Sarah Nordstrom

    I’ve been interested in reusable bags for my 2 kids. I wasn’t sure which kind to get. So if Carrie recommends the Lunchkins brand, I’d like to give it a try. I feel like I could have bought stock in Ziplock! Lunchkins- here I come!

  31. Kali Michelle P

    I’ve tried many different drink containers and so far my favorite is the Wedge bottle by Reduce. They’ll keep cold drinks and a few ice cubes cold for 8+ hours and are in my budget at around $12. Plus they’re virtually leakproof.

  32. Kimberly Fullingtonproducts!

    I just started using Lunchskins bags this year and I am already a huge fan! We use Thermos & Klean Kantene brand water bottles, as well as Thermos brand lunch containers. Huge fan of all 3 products!

  33. Adina Gepfrich

    We used the bento-type boxes for lunch in the past. The last year or so, I’ve been looking for something easier without so many pieces to clean or keep track of. They kids have complained that I send too much food, so I am trying to simplify things all around. The Lunchskins seem ideal. Are they easy to clean? I have three kids and a husband who take lunch, so how many would you recommend I have on hand?

    • Deliciously Organic

      They are very easy to clean. I put them in the dishwasher and then turn them inside-out to completely dry. With 4 family members packing a lunch, I’d say 8 is a good place to start.

  34. I have been using snack taxi bags. Lunchskins sound even better because you can put them in the dishwasher! I have 4 children and know we would make a lot of waste/garbage if I used disposable bags every day in their lunches. I am thankful for these options.

  35. Jill

    Jeff and I take our lunches to work every day and have for many years – and we always take snacks when we travel, especially when we fly. Healthy food and snacks are hard to find on the road, as you know!

  36. Stephanie Mendenhall

    byo lunch and snack bags…. they’re cheaper than lunchskins, have solid colors for boys, and are just as durable! You can get these at Target as well. Would really love lunchskins for my daughter!

  37. rachel d

    We would love to try Lunchskins! I always pack our lunches and snacks for our days out and starting this year will be packing school lunches for 2 kiddos. We have a variety of bento containers and I just love them!!

  38. kelly frady

    I love taking my lunch and so do my kiddos! Right now I just reuse plastic baggies, for the same stuff of course. For instance, I make my sandwhich at work so I pack my bread seperatly, so each day I put my bread in the same plastic baggie.

  39. Barbara Love

    I love the Thermos brand container that I purchased last year to tote soup, chili, etc in for work or school lunches. This year we purchased two different kinds of lunch bags for my boys. One from Eddie Bauer and the other from LL Bean for my youngest. They hold up very well through the school year. I currently am using an Igloo brand lunch bag that is holding up very well (2years) with daily use. Pack our lunches everyday and feel some guilt over using plastic baggies for lunch snack etc. I do use the ziploc divided containers for lunches. However there’s always a little something additional to pack and I use zip close lunch baggies for this. Would love to have some Lunchskins to use instead. Thank you

  40. Valeria

    I began a healthy lifestyle about 5 years and I honestly couldn’t be happier! I even spontaneously switched my major from nursing to nutrition, got into the program and it’s the best decision I have ever made!
    Just found your website, I am in heaven. Also, I have never heard of LunchSkins until now!!!!!! I want some urghhhh!
    College + Crossfit + 5 year old + healthy lifestyle = $$$$$$$$$$$$$ :)

  41. missyb

    I want to try the lunchskin bags. I currently rinse out the ziplocs unless they are too gross.
    Also the insulated thermos. Just finished Nourishing Traditions and want to put sooo many soups in the lunch boxes this winter.

  42. Like most kids, my nephew likes to have a snack at the park and Lunckskins make it convenient to carry anywhere. He just tucks it away in his pocket once he is finished. These pouches are so easy to clean and reuse over and over again. Another thing I like to use with my nieces and nephews are Eco- friendly stainless steel straws, kids are absolutely fascinated by them.


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