Cranberry Kombucha Jello

Cranberry sauce is fun and all, but what about serving the kids Cranberry Kombucha Jello at Thanksgiving? Kombucha contains healthy probiotics to feed the gut, gelatin from a good source helps keep the bones and joints healthy, and the ...Continue Reading

Scalloped Potatoes (Grain-Free)

Scalloped Potatoes Recipe H

I love scalloped potatoes as part of a Thanksgiving table! You can prepare them the day before and quickly reheat them in the oven to reduce the workload on Thanksgiving Day. It’s a smart idea to use a food processor or madeline to ...Continue Reading

Shrimp and Potato Chowder (Grain-Free)

Shrimp and Potato Chowder Recipe via #grainfree #recipe

After many years of learning to use nutrition to help overcome health issues, I decided it was time to finally officially do some studying – so ... I’m back in school! A couple months ago I started the Nutritional Therapy Practitioner ...Continue Reading

Pumpkin Bundt Cakes (Grain-Free, Paleo)

Pumpkin Bundt Cake H

We’ve spent lots of time watching football this fall. My daughter is a cheerleader at our local high school, so our weeks are filled with time in the stands cheering on the team. My brother is a coach for University of Kentucky, so ...Continue Reading